Monday, 30 May 2011

Super Soaker Bloodbath

This is a decent music promo made on what appears to be a shoe-string budget (CGi depending!):

Friday, 27 May 2011

A Useful Robot

This awesome camera-rig captures the night sky in such an amazing way.

Prof Brian Cox would be cracking one off over this:

Thursday, 26 May 2011

inter top ma selecta

Some bits and bobs for a feeble Thursday.

Firstly, check out these incredible forgotten monuments scattered around what used to be something from another planet. Movie set heaven. Here's the full set.

I want this chest of drawers. I just want a simple life.

I'm loving this painting by the super-talented Aaron Smith. Enchanting.

And finally, it's true...they're off. *wipes tears from eyes* All the best to the most inspirational duo in the business. Take a bow Yan & courtesy of jfcorcoran esq.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Owl and The Pussycat

This rocks. I love how overly long it is. And the music.

The stars have aligned, as they say.

I wish they'd swap heads...

Pole Pull Down

This is insane. A new sport in Asia called 'Pole Pull Down'. Careful, you could do yourself an injury young man...

via limitedfun

Saturday, 21 May 2011

It's Bonkers in Honkers

My friend in Hong Kong just sent me his latest ad. It's an absolute beauty. I want to go and work in Asia!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Friskies iPad Games for Cats

In principle, I bloody love this. However, in the reality the idea of a stinking mutt swiping it's dirty paws and sharp claws all over my shiny new iPad2 is a bit too much to bear!

3D Google Streetview

Woah, did someone say 'Google Easter Egg'?!

Go to Google Maps. Go into Streetview...

Then hold down '3' on your keyboard. And voila! It all goes 3D. Sweet.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Dark Side of the Lense

You should watch this: The Dark Side of the Lense.

To me, it's a documentary of the highest order. And I'm not just saying that because I used to surf with Mickey back in the day in deepest, darkest Cornwall.

He's a man of extremes, regularly going to furthest corners of Britain and beyond, risking his life to get the most brilliant, beautiful footage.

This film is completely and utterly spine-tingling. More than inspiring. A true testament to film-making.

I tip my hat sir.

That is all.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Blistering Barnacles

So excited about this. I was a BIG Tintin fan as a kid, in fact every time I wrote a letter in French to my Auntie in France, she sent me a Tintin book. Some might call it blackmail, I call it brilliant.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Whole Facebook

Quite interesting uses of the new-ish Facebook layout...

Jack Sparrow feat. Michael Bolton


Up, Up and Away

Got a few briefs on at the moment and what better way to be inspired than to have another look at this awesome photo of Space Shuttle Endeavour that did the rounds yesterday. Taken by a passenger flying from NYC to Palm Beach.

I went to watch Prof Brian Cox and co last night, so my brain is rather hurting after being pumped full of science...nothing a cup of tea can't sort out though.

Balloon Pop

Great MTV balloon popping stop motion.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Battles Ice Cream (Headache)

Can't stop listening to this track by Battles. Or watching the uber-stylish's all over the shop!

Super 8 App

Loving the look of this nifty App that enables you to shoot Super 8 style film on your iPhone.

It's to celebrate the launch of the new 'Super 8' film. I saw the trailer the other day in the cinema and it has a real 'Goonies' vibe about it! A load of kids in a strange little town are making a movie on a Super 8 cam and unexpectedly capture a train crash. The cargo on board the train ain't no normal cargo though, you catch my drift? Oooooohhhhh...

Produced by Speilberg and directed by JJ Abrams, I'm expecting massive things from it.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Big Plastic Hearts

Here's a cheeky little Sun ad we just did for their current LEGO promotion.

Muchos kudos to director Guilherme Marcondes at the ever brilliant Hornet in NYC. The man worked wonders on a very limited budget to create this mini epic. And no, that's not stop motion...incredibly it was all done in CGI.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Andes Friend Recovery

This is AWESOME. In a nutshell, the Andes Friend Recovery enables you to be in the pub with your mates, when in reality you're stuck at home with your wife/girlfriend...brilliant.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Wiley 'Numbers in Action'

This new video for grime boys Wiley is quite decent.

Although it does have similarities to this Toshiba spot by the brilliant Mr Mitch Stratten.

Mr Men Logos

I've spent Monday morning rounding up these lovely Mr Men from Google.

It's all about Mr Tickle if you ask me...

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Must. Watch. TV.

I've got to have a TV series box-set on the go at all times, otherwise I feel a bit funny...

The Noughties (hate that phrase, but hey) gave us the re-birth of the TV series, and I, like many others, would much rather watch a TV series than a film.

Not that films don't have their place, of course they do, but TV series episodes 1) fit better into your life time-wise, 2) are consistently brilliantly written thanks to the pool of writers they usually use to keep standards high, and 3) give the characters and themes more time to develop.

At the moment I'm deep into the third season of 'Big Love' - an HBO series that's into it's fifth season in America. It was recommended to me by an American friend in Chicago...I don't think it's aired here yet.

Anyway, on the surface it looks a bit 'chicky'...but, as with most HBO series, it's turned out to be a belter. The show centres around the lives of a polygamist family that have left the rigours and restraints of their prophet's cult-like compound in the sticks to try and live a normal life in the suburbs.

Bill Henrickson, (Bill Paxton of 'Chet' fame in one of my favourite 80s film - Weird Science - "You two donkey dicks couldn't get laid in a morgue..." etc) and his three wives live in three houses situated next to each other in a Utah cul-de-sac, where they have to try and keep their polygamy hidden from regular society (it was made illegal in the late 1890s). The wives are played superbly by Jeanne Tripplehorn (taken roughly over the sofa by Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct), Chloe Sevigny (Kids, Gumo etc) and Ginnifer Goodwin (in some trashy rom-com at mo). So far, so good...

Anyway, here's my top 10 TV (drama) series of all time:

1. Dexter. TV heaven - brilliant concept, immaculate casting with Michael C Hall, incredible 'baddies' and story-lines. Black humour mixed with serious drama. Just perfect.

2. Mad Men.
Takes a while to settle into but so worth it. A slow burner.

3. Lost.
Would be top were it not for the final season - supreme character development, totally unique story-telling. Like nothing you'll ever watch. Think it was probably a case of 'too many cooks' in the end, but don't listen to what others tell you - just watch it.

4. The Wire.
Took me 6 months to get past the first 3 episodes, but the most brilliantly realistic TV you'll ever see. Not as quite as good as everyone bangs on about, but definitely up there.

5. The Sopranos.
The first decent series I watched (apart from Grange Hill) so maybe I've forgotten just how good it was...but a must-watch. No excuses.

6. Six Feet Under.
Great concept, amazing cast, consistently brilliant for all 5 seasons. And it gave us Michael C Hall.

7. 24.
Crack TV - you can easily watch 7 episodes of this in a row. Tailed off towards the end when I got bored of the Jack Bauer show, but another must-see.

8. Big Love.
Great so far, has similarities with Six Feet Under but with the darker undertones of the Polygamist 'cult'.

9. Band of Brothers.
One season, but immaculately done.

10. Fringe.
Like The X-Files but all science/reality based. Worth watching for John Noble's perfectly acted mad scientist role alone.

The only British series that comes close is Sherlock (three episodes aired last year, currently filming full series - Benedict Cumberbatch is excellent as Sherlock and the direction is stunning).

I'd love to write a TV series some day (or at least come up with the concept). But it'll be HBO getting first dibs, not the BBC...(I wish!)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Design-in Japan Blog

Great little blog for Japanese design work. Check it.

Of course, I'm loving the customized Famicom cartridges that matey has done.

Just look at the colour spectrum on display...ah yeah!

Sunday, 1 May 2011


I took a trip to the Design Museum over in Shad Thames yesterday to see the Designs of the Year exhibition there. Although quite small the exhibition was worth attending, with a handful of real stand-outs...

But it was this one, the E-Chromi, that stood out the most to me. In a nutshell, you drink a special biotic drink (looks a bit like an Actimel) then if you have a disease, you faeces comes out coloured. There's a chart to tell you which colour matches which disease.

Very clever stuff. And a cracking example of collaboration between scientists and designers.