Monday, 25 August 2008

Teen Wolf found on VHS

I've been away on a shoot up north and then down at my folk's house in Cornwall for a sorry attempt at a summer holiday. Hiding inside one day, away from the miserable rain soaked tourists and grey skies, I thought I'd have a little root around through my cupboards in my old bedroom. Amongst the childhood junk I came across a few VHS video remember when you were a kid and you had to make do with VHS video tapes? You had to wait for the films you wanted to come on TV, then record them (usually over another film), then you'd watch them over and over again. Well I did anyway. And as I recall, there were a handful of films that I must have literally watched hundreds and hundreds of times:

Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Weird Science.
Live and Let Die.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
Basic Instinct (well, one or two particular bits of it).
Teen Wolf.

Oddly, I realised I'd re-watched all of the above in more recent years, apart from Teen Wolf.

So I went out and bought it on DVD then watched it on the 5 hour train journey back to London today. First of all, whilst I'd forgotten bits of the plot (like when he opens the bathroom door to reveal his dad's also a werewolf) somehow I knew all the words...the child 'me' had obviously drilled the lingo into my brain so much that I'd never forget it. Scary really.

Actually, I seem to recall recording the audio from various films onto cassette tape via my tough-as-nails brown Fisher Price tape recorder then listening to them on my Walkman on long journeys. Weird. I've just been doing a bit of research about Teen Wolf on Wikipedia. Apparently, the film was shot before Back to the Future, with bits of it even shot in the same Pasadena street, but released afterwards. For its Italian release, Fox's character name in Teen Wolf was even changed from Scott to Marty in order to capitalize on the success of Back to the Future (awesome fact: my maths teacher at school had a Delorian car with the number plate 'BK2FUTR').

So, the verdict: most definitely worth a watch. My personal highlights include the bit where he's getting ready for the school dance a la John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, the token crazy buddy 'Styles' and of course the 'urban surfing' on top of the Wolfmobile.

Friday, 8 August 2008


Is the date today, which is pretty neat.

I wonder how people are 8 today? Or a gummy 88?

After 2012, there won't really be any more dates like this as there only being 12 months cocks things up whilst we'll have 12/12/12, the year after's 13/12/13 ruins it.


She was a Sk8r Mum

I was randomly looking at Mother's website, and was greeted by this video of people skating in Mother's empty office, which is fun and oozes cool, so much so that it physically hurts me.

We could try and do something similar here, a bit of base-jumping off the roof onto the Village green perhaps, splattering the lunchtime picnickers with blood and guts...or a spot of rollerskating across the busy A4...