Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Fear of Production?

So we're making quite a few bits and bobs at the moment. It's always the way - months of sitting in your office, then suddenly loads of jobs seem to go into production at the same time.

We're currently editing one tv spot, doing a stills shoot and then off east at the weekend to shoot another film. Busy busy which is great, but we often joke about 'fear of production'...that is will the idea that's in your head/on the page be as good once you've made it? Will you get the director you want? Will the acting, animation or sets be any good? Will the stars align properly? I must say that I find the whole production process quite stressful and drawn out...probably because I'm quite impatient, and possibly a bit of a control freak. It all takes quite a long time to get anywhere, plus I guess I'm still learning about how much input/power it's best to put into the production stage - it differs from job to job I suppose.

My favourite part of being a creative is without doubt the 'aha!' moment of finally getting a great idea on your pad. Sure the excitement of a big shoots can be great, but I still just love coming up with ideas. Of course I understand that to be good at this job you not only have to be good at coming up with ideas, but also selling them, wrangling clients and guiding the production process to fit your vision.

Anyway maybe my opinion will change one day when I'm completely satisfied by something I've put out there...but that sadly seems to rarely happen as too many people want to stick their oars in along the way. Anyway, I'll chuck some of our new stuff up here in the not so distant future and we can all decide whether my fear of production is rationale or not. Actually, what I may do is post up the original idea as it was on the bit of paper it was first presented on alongside the finished piece to see if it lives upto any kind of potential it had, if anyone's interested?

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Cadbury 'Zingolo'

I'm sure this, as usual will split opinion. I happen to really like it - it's happy and unusual and I wish I'd done it.

Questionable special effects though, not the sparks, which I think are cool, more the giant head doesn't always seem to have the correct shadows. But I'm being picky. It's great.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Ferris is back, tell a friend...

Apologies to anyone who actually reads this crap I spout.

Been super busy recently, juggling an array of jobs.

Shocking weather in the village today, just want to be curled up in the shelter of my home with a Blu-Ray. Bloody bleak and freezing it is.

One exciting thing to look forward to this week: Radio Awards on Thursday night where the one and only Peter Andre is performing. Can't wait.