Tuesday, 29 June 2010

It's been a long long time...

This sorry excuse for a blog just got a bit of a lick of paint...which means YES, SOMETHING MIGHT OCCUR ON HERE AGAIN! Woop Woop!

Don't get too excited though, updates will probably still be as sporadic as before, nothing like as regular and brilliant as Rubbishcorp for example. But at least it's alive again.

So things have been pretty crazy recently. Here's the first bit of work we've managed to squeeze out at WCRS. It's for TFL cycle safety and it's purpose is to raise awareness about the dangers of cycling in lorry's blind spots. 3 cyclists have already died in London so far this year so it's a big problem.

The posters are quite functional, but the idea gets more interesting when you see the film we shot on the set. We're also developing an augmented reality arm to the campaign and hopefully some interactive experiential...

The print was shot by Simen Johan, a Scandinavian photographer.

And here's the film we shot on set: